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Location of Job: Phoenix, AZ
When: Jun 26, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Emergency Lockout, Car Key Retrieval
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24 Hour Locksmith Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona Apartment Lockout Service
House Lockout Glendale, Arizona
Brief Explanation This customer was having a busy morning on her way to work. Unfortunately, she ended up having to deal with a car lockout emergency after realizing that she had locked her keys in the car with no way to retrieve them. She knew that there was no way that she would be able to get her keys out of the car on her own, so she called Old Glory Locksmith for professional help. Fortunately, we have a mobile service that can respond to customer calls for help 24 hours a day. We were able to travel to our customer’s Phoenix location and retrieve her keys from her car quickly using high-quality tools and the expertise of our technician. Needless to say, our customer was very happy that our services were there for her to take advantage of in her time of need and was very grateful that we were able to get things done so quickly and efficiently.

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Katrina T. Said This About Our Company

Katrina T.

Phoenix, AZ

Date: Sep 15, 2015
I would recommend this company because he was very knowledgeable and even though it was complicated he was still able to get my keys for me.

"Locked Keys in Car Phoenix AZ"

Services Provided

This customer got locked out of her car and we were able to respond quickly to the call and help her out.
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Client Testimonial
I was definitely satisfied with Cory's locksmith services. ~ Katy - Glendale, AZ


About This Car Lockout Job

Whether it’s a house lockout or someone has locked their keys in the car, one of the reasons that we work around the clock here at Old Glory Locksmith is so that we can help customers when they find themselves in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what this customer was facing. She was on her way to work when she realized that she had accidentally locked her keys in her Volkswagen Passat. The good thing is that she didn’t waste time panicking. Instead, she got on the phone with our technician, who was able to get on the road right away to help her. Once we arrived on the scene, we used sound methods and high quality tools to retrieve the keys from the car. First, the technician used two air wedges on the top and side of the door in order to create a little bit of space to work with. Then, the technician used a long-reach tool to retrieve the keys from the car and slide them through the opening created by the two air wedges. Our technician was able to get all of this done in a five minute time frame.

The Customer’s Reaction To Our Work

We take pride in being there when an emergency happens.

This Phoenix, Arizona customer reached out to us because she was on her way to work when she realized that she accidentally locked her keys in her car. As anyone can imagine, this can be quite the frustrating experience, especially when someone is in such a time crunch. For this reason, our customer was very grateful for our help. Old Glory Locksmith provides emergency house, car, and apartment lockout services for this very reason. Not only were our mobile services able to get to her in a timely manner, but it didn’t take our experienced technician long to retrieve the keys from the car. In the end, this first-time client stated that she was so happy that she was able to get the situation resolved quickly so that she could get to work and finally get on with her day.