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Location of Job: Glendale, AZ
When: Nov 30, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Re-key Job
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Brief Explanation I had a customer give me a call that is prepping his family's house for sale. The unusual part about this property was that it had twelve different keys needed for different things across the house. That is a lot of keys to be carrying around for just your home! He needed a key that would work all of the locks to make it more desirable on the market.

He called me to see what I could do for him and he was extremely happy that I came out same day to get his home taken care of. We got all twelve keys re-keyed with one key. Now everything works under one key as it should.

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I was definitely satisfied with Cory's locksmith services. ~ Katy - Glendale, AZ

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Kwikset Rekeying Services

All of the locks were on a Kwikset keyway except one which was a Schlage. This lock needed to be replaced so it would work with all the others. Then all of the locks had to be picked open and then re-keyed by removing the existing key pins and installing new key pins matching the new keys we supplied.

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