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Location of Job: Glendale
When: Jul 31, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Install New Commercial Lever Locks, Rekey Those Locks And Install Latch Guards
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Brief Explanation

The customers at this business establishment in Glendale, AZ decided to rekey their door locks in order to increase their security measures. Latch guards were also installed to strengthen security. .

Business Security

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Periodic rekeying of locks is vital to maintain what is referred to as "key control." Over time keys will pass through multiple hands. While an individual has access to keys, there is the potential complication that they will make duplicate copies.

Without knowing who has access to what keys, the security of a property is weakened.

Gain Control With A Lock Change

This customer was pleased to find that I will service a facility after business hours and on weekends. Considering that the facility is a place of business it was necessary to do the work while the building was not experiencing a high flow of customer traffic.

During the rekey process I inspected each of the lever door handles. Each one was found to be in excellent shape. I don't expect there to be any malfunctioning of the hardware for a very long time.

The latch guards add another security stronghold element to the facility. Many attempts to break into a property will consist of brute mechanical force to disrupt a lock. Latch guards protect against such attacks. They dissuade vandalism and give peace of mind.

Now, with the latch guards installed and with the locks changed, this establishment is secure. The owner and employees can rest assured that they have taken strong measures to maintain the security of their business.

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I was definitely satisfied with Cory's locksmith services. ~ Katy - Glendale, AZ

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