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Job Details

Location of Job: Phoenix, AZ
When: Aug 10, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: ATM Safe Opening And Repair
Brief Explanation

So you might have already know that Old Glory Locksmith handles servicing, combination changes & lockout situations.

Furthermore, we work on all sorts of floor, cash, fire, gun, wall and most other types of safes and locks which are on the market.

But did you know that we offer the same types of services on ATM's?

What All Went Into This ATM Job?

A client in the local Phoenix area was actually recently given this GenMega ATM which had an integrated S&G Titan lock system within it.

Unfortunately though, the combination did not come with the sale as the seller was not readily aware of what it currently even was.

We were able to open the ATM in a fairly straightforward manner.

However, during the process, we actually had to force breach the lock and ended it damaging it in the process.

We wish we could have done it an easier and less destructive manner, but this was the only option for us in order to get this customer's new ATM up and running.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Phoenix, AZ
When: Jul 20, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Sentry Fire Safe Combination Opening and Rekeying
Brief Explanation

What Did It Take For Us To Open Up This Midsize Sentry Safe?

A recent client in the Phoenix area had purchased a used Sentry Safe which came with no key and they had no idea as to what the current combination code for the unit was.

After giving the safe a brief once-over, we went right to work to get this customers' safe opened without having to damage their use purchase in any way.

We were able to successfully open the safe with zero added damage by picking the tubular lock.

These styles of locks are fairly simplistic in their overall construction but are very tedious to open up via traditional lock picking methods versus having the correct key on hand.

Nevertheless, after much poking, prodding and turning on our end, we were eventually able to get this lock open.

We were then able to decode the main combination dial and with the serial number from inside the safe, we were able to get them some new keys as well.

This client was happy to see that this investment of theirs had indeed paid off.

After all, buying a brand new Sentry Safe of this size and security could have easily been roughly 2 to even 3 or 4 times as much the cost of hiring a locksmith service such as us.

If you're considering saving money on any safe purchase by buying a used one and without having the proper keys or combination code, consider giving us a call in advance so we can help you plan for the costs associated with the opening of your safe and potentially save you money on your new safety acquisition.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Phoenix, AZ
When: Oct 16, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: King Pin Lock Removal
Brief Explanation

Semi trucks have a demanding schedule to maintain. Any roadblocks or delays can turn into costly downtime. The last thing that a Truck Company needs is for a lost key to a trailer king pin to slow down production.

Versatile Locksmith

Have a look at a recent local dial combination safe locksmith job that we completed.

This company's production was slowed down by a lost key. They needed to get moving and fast. It is a good thing that they found us, a local trailer king pin locksmith, that services in and around Phoenix, AZ.

Non-Destructive Lock Picking

Cory, Owner Operator of Old Glory Locksmith, has a widely versatile set of locksmithing skills. He was able to pick the lock by utilizing non-destructive lock picking techniques. We were able to save the day and save the lock.

We are fast to respond and quick to service. Be sure to save our contact info in your smart device. You never know when you'll need the area's best locksmith to help you out in a jam.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Glendale
When: Nov 7, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Key Extraction
Brief Explanation

You never know when a key may break, or when a lock may become jammed. More often than not, it will be in a crucial moment that requires prompt attention. That's why were here to assist!

Pawn Shop Key Extraction

Have a look at a recent Coin Operated Laundry Machine job we completed.

This client had used our services previous to this occasion. They had our number on speed dial to be sure to reach us if they find themselves in a bind. Sure enough they had a lock problem at a crucial moment.

The pawn shop had a regular scheduled jewelry audit that would be taking place at any moment. It was in anticipation of the arrival of the auditor that they realized that the key was jammed in the display case lock. Any setbacks to this audit could result in costly inconveniences for this place of business.

24 Hour Emergency Response

Within moments of getting the call from this esteemed client, I was on the scene and had their key extracted. With the display case in proper functioning condition, they were prepared to await the arrival of their auditor.

Be sure to save my number in your phone in order to have me on hand for any inconvenient lock trouble that you may encounter.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Glendale, AZ
When: Oct 25, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

This was a unique lock out scenario. The customer is a repeat customer that we have serviced on a handful of occasions. A newly acquired, coin-operated washing machine was missing the key to open the coin storage. It was after hours when they called.

24 Hour Locksmith

Have a look a storage unit lockout service that we did in the area.

The customer sure was pleased that we operate a 24 hour service. We were able to promptly arrive and address the lock out problem on hand.

Coin laundry machines are built very securely. They are always a prime target for petty burglary. Their manufacturing is held to the highest standard of security. Despite secure construction, the experts at Old Glory Locksmith were able to open the lock without any trouble. In short time the customer was able to retrieve the coins that were kept in the storage.

We also were able to rekey the locking mechanism for our customer. Now, they have easy access to recover the coins and a proper functioning lock and storage on their new, coin-operated washing machine.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Phoenix
When: Jul 14, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Rekey Filing Cabinet
Brief Explanation

This customer had been attempting to fix their filing cabinet themselves. As is often the case, the lock proved to present more of a challenging task than expected. I was happy to field their call for assistance.

Cabinet Lock Repair

Have a look at another lock repair job that we did in the area.

When the clients filing cabinet lock malfunctioned they were no longer able to secure important materials with sensitive information. In an attempt to fix they lock themselves, they purchased a replacement lock.

They were unable to install the replacement lock for their filing cabinet themselves. It was at this point that they gave Old Glory Locksmith a call.

24 Hour Locksmith

Locksmith services require a dynamic and wide variety of skills. With over 7 years in the industry, Cory is capable of tackling even the most challenging lock situations.

Before long, the lock was installed and the clients were again able to secure their sensitive information in their filing cabinet.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Glendale, AZ
When: Mar 20, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Commercial Lock Repair
Brief Explanation

This commercial lock repair job showcases really well some of the skills that I am very proud of. I received a call that the lock at this establishment of business was not functioning properly. It was essential to respond promptly and fix the lock in order to ensure security for this highly esteemed business office in the community.

Prompt Response and Professional Repair

Check out another lock repair job that we completed.

I was happy to accommodate their after business hour service request. Upon arrival, I found that their key was spinning without activating locking mechanism. This malfunctioning behavior made me suspicious of an lock component called the rim cylinder tailpiece. Further investigation was necessary to accurately determine the cause of failure to function.

Expert Diagnostic Skills

I carefully opened the lock and examined the interior components. My suspicions were confirmed. It was in fact the rim cylinder tailpiece that was causing the problem.

I carry with me a wide variety of replacement components in order to quickly finish jobs. The tailpiece is one that I am certain to have multiple varieties on hand. I was able to change the broken part with a high quality replacement.

The results were just as predicted. The lock was repaired and fully functional. This was the first time that I worked with this particular client. They were very pleased that I was able to perform expert locksmith services that fit the short time frame that they needed to have the job done within.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Phoenix, AZ
When: Jul 27, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Apartment Lockout, Lock Picking, Emergency House Locksmith Services
Brief Explanation Katie found herself in a bad situation at 3 a.m. when she realized that she had locked herself out of her apartment. Luckily she had her cell phone on her to find us through Google and ask for our emergency locksmith Phoenix, AZ services. She found us online and gave us a call. We were able to come out to her quickly and get her apartment unlocked. This is quite a common emergency locksmith call we get. People either lock themselves out of their cars or home and we are happy to assist. This job was like a recent emergency locksmith job in Peoria we just did in the middle of the night. We offered an upfront flat rate price to come out and unlock the apartment. We do not practice unethical bait and switch tactics. Thanks Katie for trusting our services and allowing us to help you in this emergency situation.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Glendale, Arizona
When: Jun 11, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: House Lockout, Picked Locks, Opened Door, Unlock Door Service
Brief Explanation This service call came from a local resident in Glendale, AZ. This customer locked their keys in their house right before going to work. Upon trying to get back into the house to get his keys her realized that the house was locked and his keys were inside. This is when he contacted us to come out and unlock his house. We unlocked the house through the garage door by picking his 2 Kwikset locks. One of the locks was a deadbolt and the other was a door knob lock. We used our lock pick set and tension wrench to give him access again to his home.

Recent Reviews

Julieann Bemis

Glendale, AZ

Date: Jan 19, 2018
Great service from Corey. Thank you so much for your help today. You made it quick easy and painless.

"Great Service"

Alec Williams

Glendale, AZ

Date: Jan 3, 2018
I highly recommend Old Glory Locksmith! They had a great response time to my email inquiry about pricing and they were cheaper than any other company that I looked into. Also, he was able to schedule my appointment the same day I called. If I or anybody I know needs a locksmith, I'll give Cory a call.

"I Highly Recommend Old Glory Locksmith!!"

Linda Ogden

Phoenix, AZ

Date: Dec 8, 2017
Very thorough, efficient and conscientious. He not only fixed the problem but found another and fixed that all for the same price. He is the one to call!!!

"Thorough, Efficient & Conscientious "

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Commercial lockouts are of special concern to a Glendale business owner. If you cannot get into your office, store, or other commercial property, your business can’t open for the day. Unfortunately, this is more than just a minor inconvenience. This could also mean taking a serious financial hit, especially if the lockout is occurring on a busy day. If you can’t stand the thought of this happening to you, then it’s time for you to stop worrying and start dialing our number. We’ll send someone out to help you as soon as possible. We understand how much your business and your customers mean to you, and we want to help you make sure that you get open on time every time with these aspects of our service:

Our Commercial Lockout Services Are Prompt and Well-Price

We offer around the clock service in El Mirage and the surrounding areas. This means that if your office, restaurant, or retail location needs to open up early or lost your keys late at night, we can be there for you when other locksmiths cannot. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to get into your building at a time other than normal business hours. If you are a boss who relies on your employees to open the office or store, we can save the day if you aren’t able to get to a key holding employee who has lost their keys.

We know that business owners are watching their bottom line, and we aren’t out to make you regret this lockout any more than you already do. Consequently, we’ve got competitive rates for our emergency locksmith services. In addition, you can always count on us to be truthful about what we charge when we’re speaking to you over the phone so that there are no surprises when we arrive. This helps us build trust with you and provide the service you truly deserve.

We can unlock both your commercial doors as well as any of your company cars. This means you can use our trustworthy service whether you are lockout out of your office or one of your employees loses the keys to the fleet.

If the keys to your building have been lost or stolen, you may find yourself worried about whether or not an unauthorized party will be able to gain access to the property while you are not there. Instead of putting your business at risk, we can re-key your building’s locks so that the old key no longer works on the same doors. This can give your business an added layer of security and bring a little more peace to your heart.

From One Business To Another - We Want To Help You!

At Old Glory Locksmith, we understand that you are a busy Phoenix business owner who has a lot to accomplish in a little bit of time. Whether it’s early, late, or any time in between, we’re working hard to deliver the commercial lockout services you need. Don’t hesitate to give us a call when you find yourself lockout out of your office or vehicle so that we can help you get on with business as usual.