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Job Details

Location of Job: Peoria, AZ
When: Nov 19, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Re-Key Mailbox, Mailbox Locksmith, Residential Locksmith
Brief Explanation This customer had lost his mailbox key and couldn't get in his mailbox. He knew he needed to get a new key and starting calling around to local locksmiths. I was on that list of locksmiths that he called and he told me he was surprised that the others were quoting him two to three times more than I was. So he asked me to come out and take care of his mailbox.

This was a re-key job. I decided the best route to go was to remove the lock and put in a new one. In order to do that I first had to pick the lock. Then I was able to replace it with a new lock and hand the customer his key right then and there.

He was very happy to have the job done quickly and easily and for such a great price!

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Job Details

Location of Job: Glendale, Arizona
When: Jun 11, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: House Lockout, Picked Locks, Opened Door, Unlock Door Service
Brief Explanation This service call came from a local resident in Glendale, AZ. This customer locked their keys in their house right before going to work. Upon trying to get back into the house to get his keys her realized that the house was locked and his keys were inside. This is when he contacted us to come out and unlock his house. We unlocked the house through the garage door by picking his 2 Kwikset locks. One of the locks was a deadbolt and the other was a door knob lock. We used our lock pick set and tension wrench to give him access again to his home.

Recent Reviews

Angelique Ross

Glendale, AZ

Date: May 28, 2017
I called several locksmiths in the area, I thought they were all nuts. I found old Glory and spoke with Corey. It was so refreshing to speak with someone who obviously cared about my needs, he also quoted me the best price plus after explaining the situation, he went out of his way to come that night and redo 5 locks. At 9:30 pm. Not only did he not charge me the emergency $100. Everyone else wanted, he gave me back 20 bucks cause it turned out less then he quoted. Absolutely one of those finds you want to tell everybody. Added him to my contacts first one I will call when in need.

"Absolutely One Of Those Finds..."

Carissa Houston

Glendale, AZ

Date: Feb 15, 2017
On the day we moved in to our new home, I found out the hard way that our home has self-locking doors. I locked myself out (along with my mom and kids) with all keys and phones inside. I borrowed a neighbor's phone to call my husband, and told him to call Old Glory Locksmith since I had fortuitously researched locksmiths earlier that week and had made an appointment with Cory to rekey the house later that week. Cory arrived within 20 minutes, quickly let us inside, and offered to rekey the house right then too, to save us an additional service fee. We absolutely recommend Cory at Old Glory Locksmith, and I have a feeling we'll need him again thanks to these silly self-locking doors.

"Absolutely Recommend Cory At Old Glory Locksmith"

Adela Lara

Glendale, AZ

Date: May 23, 2017
Locked keys in trunk. Cory made it out to us in 15 mins on a Sunday. He was very fast and professional. Awesome service! Thank you cory

"Very Fast And Professional"

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Protect Your Information With A Mailbox Lock

The process of sending and receiving mail tends to be something that we take for granted. When it comes to their mailboxes, many people don’t realize the importance of creating a secure environment. Whether you are living in a multi-unit building or a single-family home in Glendale, having a locking mailbox can be a viable way to help prevent the theft of your mail and, in turn, your money or your sensitive identifying information. Whether you are a building manager or a home resident, we at Old Glory Locksmith can help you with your mailbox security needs. Read on for just a glimpse of the advantage that we can offer our customers.

Our Mailbox Lock Installation and Repair Services Are Top-Notch

Here’s what you need to know about our services:

– We offer competitive rates for our services. This can be very helpful if you own an apartment or condo building and need to have lots of mailbox locks installed or rekeyed at once. This is also helpful for residents who are desperate to get into their mailboxes but can’t because they can’t find their key. Not only can you rest assured that we will always be upfront about our rates, you can also be confident that they are some of the best in the area.

– As a building manager in Phoenix, it’s likely that you do everything that you can to be there for residents when they need you. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult when you have to be out of the office. The good news is that we can help residents who have been locked out of their mailboxes. For building managers, this is great because it means that you don’t always have to be on site to assist in this manner. We can take care of mailbox lockouts swiftly so that both you and your residents can get on with your day. We can help you provide the customer service that you know your residents deserve.

– If you lose your mailbox key, have it stolen, or simply want an added layer of security after moving into your home, condo, or apartment, we can rekey the mailbox lock or install a new one for you. Rekeying the lock (as well as opting for new lock installation) will ensure that the old mailbox key will no longer work in the current locking mechanism. Should there be any unscrupulous people looking to gain access to your mailbox, this will help prevent them from being successful at stealing your mail or your information.

Old Glory Locksmith Cares About Your Security

You may not be aware of it, but mailbox security is of the utmost importance. If you want to prevent identity theft in Surprise and the surrounding areas, having a lock on your mailbox is one of the simplest solutions you have. However, locked mailboxes come with their own set of hassles, especially when the keys go missing. In those instances, there is no need to worry. Old Glory Locksmith will be available to help building managers and their residents by providing the locksmith services that helps to keep their personal information safe and secure.