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Location of Job: Glendale, AZ
When: Jan 26, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Repair, Rekey
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Brief Explanation

When it comes to adapting locks and upgrading them, there are no easy solutions. There also isn't anyone better than Old Glory Locksmith to take care of the job.

Commercial Lock Repair And Rekey

Have a look at this other recent commercial franchise lock repair that we recently completed.

This job entailed converting this BEST IC core electric gate lock to SC1 mortis.
Since the original setup was IC core and there are no screws on the back of the tailpiece, the actuator had to be modified to fit the new cylinder.

On The Spot Ingenuity

Without existing screws on the BEST tailpiece, the actuator was welded on. With careful and efficient use of a dremel, we were able to make the appropriate changes and finish the lock conversion.

Now, this commercial lock is strong and secure. The upgraded change to a SC1 mortis platform will continue to provide low maintenance, high security protection for this commercial facility for many years to come.

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I was definitely satisfied with Cory's locksmith services. ~ Katy - Glendale, AZ

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Protection From Fraudulent Providers

You may have never given this any consideration… but choosing the right locksmith is very important. The locksmithing industry has had a number of scam artists that take advantage of people who have found themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of being locked out.

Price gouging and unnecessarily drilling locks are a few of the practices that scammers have utilized.

Make sure that you know who you’re hiring when you call a locksmith. Cory Bahr, Owner Operator of Old Glory Locksmith, is the professional who will help you when you call. Aside from serving our country in the armed forces, he continues to volunteer in the local Glendale Community with the Glendale Citizens Police Academy.

You can trust Cory Bahr and Old Glory Locksmith. Save our number in your list of contacts. You never know when you’ll need an expert locksmith at the convenience of a phone call.