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Job Details

Location of Job: Phoenix, AZ
When: Jun 16, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: House Lockout, Emergency Locksmith Services, Lock Installation
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House Lockout Glendale, Arizona
Brief Explanation We got a dire service call from a customer who needed emergency help although she was a local resident of Phoenix, AZ, she got home from a trip only to realize that she had left her keys in an entirely different state. Consequently, she knew that there was no way that she was going to be able to get back into her apartment without the help of a professional locksmith. Fortunately, Old Glory Locksmith was able to step in and help her through this emergency situation. She gave us a call, and we got out to her property as soon as we could. We picked two deadbolts and two doorknob locks, with one of them having to be drilled and replaced in order to get the customer back into her apartment. Once she was back in and her property was secured, she expressed her gratefulness for our emergency services.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Date: Jul 30, 2015
I would definitely recommend them, the other guys I called couldn't get my door open and Old Glory Locksmith did! He did a great job, even put on my new locks for me! Definitely great service, and if ever in need I will be calling Old glory locksmith for sure!

"Phoenix, Arizona Apartment Lockout Service Review"

Services Provided

We unlocked her apartment through the front door by picking her 4 Kwikset locks. Two of the locks were a deadbolts and the other two were door knob locks. We used our lock pick set, Klom pick gun and tension wrench to give her access again to her home. One of the locks had to be drilled and replaced.
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Glendale, AZ
Client Testimonial
I was definitely satisfied with Cory's locksmith services. ~ Katy - Glendale, AZ


About This Apartment Lockout Service Job

Many people can imagine leaving their keys inside of a locked car or forgetting them inside of the house before closing and locking the door. However, what does a person do if their keys have been left in another state? For this customer, the answer was to call Old Glory Locksmith. Our 24-hour emergency locksmith services were able to rescue this customer from this very situation. Once we arrived on the scene we knew exactly what to do. This customer had four locks, with two deadbolts and two doorknob locks. We used our lock pick set, Klom pick gun and tension wrench to get the locks open and allow her to access her apartment once again. Because we had to drill one of the locks, we also replaced it with another lock that the customer already had in her home.

The Customer’s Reaction To Our Work

At Old Glory, it is our intention to be there for our customers in their time of need. As anyone can imagine, home lockouts can be frustrating. No one knows that better than our recent client who left her keys in another state after a trip. All this customer wanted to do was be able to get back into her apartment, and she was so grateful that we were able to come out and assist her. As a first-time customer, she trusted Old Glory with her dilemma, and she was very relieved that our services were able to live up to her expectations. She was also happy that we were able to help ensure her security even after she got back into the apartment.

Other Work We Performed For This Customer

We want to make sure our customers are completely secure.

In getting this customer back into her home, one of her locks actually had to be drilled and taken off of the door. Unfortunately, simply leaving her apartment this way would have compromised her security. Instead of allowing that to be the case, we stayed to replace the lock for her with one that she already had inside of the apartment. We always want to leave our customers in a better situation than the one in which we found them, and installing the new door lock for this customer allowed us to do so.