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Angelique Ross

Glendale, AZ

Date: May 28, 2017
“I called several locksmiths in the area, I thought they were all nuts. I found old Glory and spoke with Corey. It was so refreshing to speak with someone who obviously cared about my needs, he also quoted me the best price plus after explaining the situation, he went out of his way to come that night and redo 5 locks. At 9:30 pm. Not only did he not charge me the emergency $100. Everyone else wanted, he gave me back 20 bucks cause it turned out less then he quoted. Absolutely one of those finds you want to tell everybody. Added him to my contacts first one I will call when in need.
"Absolutely One Of Those Finds..."

Melinda Allen

Glendale, AZ

Date: May 18, 2016
“Mr.Cory is a very good locksmith right on time when he say he will be there. This is my second time calling Mr.Cory and he is a very nice gentlemen i would recommend him to everyone i know and if he could go state to state i will recommend him to all my family and friends. Mr.Cory is much appreciated in my eyes and i thank him so much and may God bless him and his company thank you again Mr. Cory for your help.
"Much Appreciated! in Glendale, AZ"
Services Provided
Mobile Locksmith

Nayeli Laurel

Peoria, AZ

Date: Dec 22, 2015
“Cory was the one who help us he responded to us really quick even though he was far he made it in less the 30 mins to our location. We try calling other companies they didn't even bother to answer. Just an AMAZING! service.
"Best Locksmith Company Review in Peoria, AZ"


Peoria, Arizona

Date: Sep 15, 2015
“Yes I would recommend Cory's services. He was very fast and Cory was a polite man. Everything went pretty well. I would rate him 5 stars.
"Best Locksmith in Peoria, AZ Customer Review"
Services Provided
This customer locked herself out of her car on July 4th. She contacted us for help and we responded quickly and professionally to unlock her car and help her out of a sticky situation.

Trevor W.

Peoria, AZ

Date: Sep 15, 2015
“I have already recommended this company because of the time and speed that they got out to me.
"Truck lockout in Peoria, AZ"
Services Provided
Trevor locked himself out of his truck and contacted us to come out and unlock his vehicle. We were able to respond to Trevor quickly and professionally and unlock his truck. Old Glory Locksmith takes a lot of pride in being a local locksmith with honest prices and quality services.


Peoria, AZ

Date: May 28, 2015
“Cory was very patient in a trying situations.
"House Lockout Review in Peoria, AZ"
Services Provided
We helped her get back into the house and then provided her with our rekeying services and lock repair services.


Glendale, AZ

Date: May 25, 2015
“I was definitely satisfied with Cory's locksmith services.
"Car Lockout Review in Glendale, AZ"

Recent Jobs

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After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Glendale, AZ
When: Jun 20, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Lockout / Lock Repair
Brief Explanation

This client is starting a vending machine business. His first machine purchase wasn't quite "turn-key." We we're happy to get the call to help out.

Highly Skilled Locksmithing

Check out this other recent job where we helped a trucking company take care of their trailer pin lock.

This vending machine did not come with the necessary keys to open it up. Further discussion with the client revealed that he too is a veteran. We gave him our standard 50% discount for veterans.

Before long, we had the lock picked... the unit opened... and the locking mechanism replaced with a new replacement! He's on his way to get his business up and running. This time being able to turn the key.

Now, this local business owner knows who to reach out to for all vending machine locksmith needs in the future.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Phoenix, AZ
When: Oct 16, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: King Pin Lock Removal
Brief Explanation

Semi trucks have a demanding schedule to maintain. Any roadblocks or delays can turn into costly downtime. The last thing that a Truck Company needs is for a lost key to a trailer king pin to slow down production.

Versatile Locksmith

Have a look at a recent local dial combination safe locksmith job that we completed.

This company's production was slowed down by a lost key. They needed to get moving and fast. It is a good thing that they found us, a local trailer king pin locksmith, that services in and around Phoenix, AZ.

Non-Destructive Lock Picking

Cory, Owner Operator of Old Glory Locksmith, has a widely versatile set of locksmithing skills. He was able to pick the lock by utilizing non-destructive lock picking techniques. We were able to save the day and save the lock.

We are fast to respond and quick to service. Be sure to save our contact info in your smart device. You never know when you'll need the area's best locksmith to help you out in a jam.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Glendale, AZ
When: Oct 16, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Safe Opening
Brief Explanation

Safes are an excellent investment for personal or business use. They provide an element of safety and security for valuable items.

People often feel helpless when the combination code is lost or forgotten. Without the ability to gain entry to a safe, the unit becomes as useful as a 200 lb paperweight.

Dial Combination Safe Expert

Cory from Old Glory Locksmith is the trusted source for Dial Combination Safe Lockout and Rekey jobs in Glendale, AZ.

Have a look at this Antique Mosler Safe Lockout job that we did recently.

This particular Gary Dial Combination Safe is a perfect fit for retail clients. The size is small enough to fit under counters. They are fabricated in a robust manner. The steel composition prevents theft and break-in. Additionally they have a front, drop-deposit, envelope receptacle to allow for cash/check safe-holding.

Having cash deposits isn't profitable for a company if they can't be accessed. This customer called because they had lost the combination to the safe. By utilizing high-end tools that are specific for this type of work, Cory was able to gain entry to the safe in a time-efficient manner.

Safe Restoration

The clients were thrilled to have access to their safe again. They have requested that Cory return to restore their safe to optimal performing condition so that it can continue to be an asset to their business.

There is no safe project too tough for Cory with Old Glory Locksmith in Glendale, AZ. Call Cory for re-entry to your safe.

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Old Glory Locksmith

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We Love Keeping Peoria Secure

Peoria is a great Arizona city with lots of great things going on. The city is known for its recreation opportunities and is home to the Peoria Sports Complex, which is the spring training ground for both the San Diego Padres and the Seattle Mariners. You can catch a variety of sports games in Peoria, including basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and even NASCAR racing. If playing sports isn’t quite your thing, you may enjoy one of the many parks, hiking trails, or fishing lakes.

With so much to do in Peoria, we at Old Glory Locksmith want to help you take care of your important security needs so that you can focus more on the fun. We provide a variety of lock and key services for our Peoria customers, including home, car, and commercial lockouts, residential and commercial lock re-keying, residential and commercial lock installation, and we can even take care of mailbox locks and keys. All of our services are aimed at making sure that you and your property stay safe and out of harm’s way.

Peoria Customers Rely On Us For Help In Emergency Situations

Old Glory has helped customers in Peoria get out of tough situations in a hurry. One Peoria customer recently reached out to us because she was locked out of her home and did not know where the key was that would get her back in. The customer gave us a call, and we were able to get to her in a timely manner. First, we quickly helped her get back into her house. However, she was also able to take advantage of other services we offered. We also repaired her broken door locks and then re-keyed them so that they would only work with a new key. This gave a her a new added layer of security in her home.

Satisfying Our Customers Is The Number One Goal

At Old Glory Locksmith, our only goal is to make sure that our customers are satisfied, and we have been doing just that for Peoria residents since 2011. We strive to make sure that every job we do leaves our Peoria customers’ homes and businesses more secure than they were before. If your door locks are in disrepair, we offer lock replacement services that will help ensure that you don’t experience any more problems with your locks. If you are worried about your safety and security after you move into your new Peoria home, we can offer you our re-keying services. If you’re a Peoria residents, get in touch with us so that we can help you solve your security needs.